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Reflections on a Secret Pond
Has somone you loved died sunddenly?
Are you looking for answers?
Grieving the death of her Grandma, Anna finds spiritual comfort in the turbulent world of the central pond characters Norris Newt, Tom Toad, Bovis Beetle and in particular, the mysterious connection between her grandma's death and the metamorphosis of Della the dragonfly.
Boundaries of imagination and reality blur as Anna becomes cocooned in her fantasy world where time no longer exists and death becomes the gateway to new life. The words and illustrations by the author blend to create a soothing escape for young people and adults facing the emotional trials of life.
This book will take you on a journey into the beauty of nature as you reflect on life, death and rebirth through Anna's imaginary world of the secret pond. The reader is plunged into the drama played out below the surface - avalanches, earthquakes, a mini apocalypse!

Price: £15.95